New Product Dg-Td503 Dmr Digital Radio with GPS VHF/UHF Radio

New product DG-TD503 dmr digital radio with gps vhf/uhf radio: Main functionDual mode (Analog & Digital)Analog & Digital mode adjustable, this is to meet different communication requirements. TDMAChannel capacity enlarged with TDMA function. Audio encryptionTD-503 use audio encryption key to encode and de

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New product DG-TD503 dmr digital radio with gps vhf/uhf radio:

Main function
Dual mode (Analog & Digital)
Analog & Digital mode adjustable, this is to meet different communication requirements.

Channel capacity enlarged with TDMA function.

Audio encryption
TD-503 use audio encryption key to encode and decode calling signal in channel. One radio can only set one encryption key.

Digital signaling.
Support DMR standard single, group and all calling. Killing and other functions are also available.

Single calling
Single calling from point to point is available. Disable private communication to be heard by others.

Group calling
Enable free communication between group members. Member selection can be set through PC programming.

All calling
Calling can be received by all members from different group in same channel. No obstacle communication easily available to enable a free job site arrangement.

The function is to kill the lost two way radio or unit so that the radio or unit can't TX and RX. "Killed" function is to protect the private calling to be heart from others.

This function is to locate if there is any activity in channel or not. If there is any signal in this channel, user will hear reminder sound.

Remote monitor
Allow supervisor users to monitor the activity of radio via remote monitor function. This function also allows users to send the background noise to supervisor.

Emergency remote monitor
Allow supervisor to remote monitor the radio if the emergency alarm function of this radio is open. Under emergency remote monitor, rescuer can get useful information from the signal TXed by the radio and allow rescuer quickly make a rescue plan. If this function opened, other supervisor will remote monitor this radio even if supervise radio is without encoder of remote monitor.

Channel scan
This allows users to cruise through set channels in order to find the one that your group is using. You can also use this feature to quickly locate an "empty" channel for your group to use.

This is to prevent the radio from being TX for too long, and avoid the channel from being occupied unconsciously.

Low battery indication
Allow users to change the battery on time.

Auto battery save
The radio will automatically come into battery saving mode if there is no any activity so as to extend the standby time.

Noise suppression function
Eliminate the noise to get better audio and communication quality.

Manual dialing
Call out via manual ID dialing in keyboard.

Quick dialing
Allow users call out through quick dial.

PC Programming
Allow users to set the radio on PC via USB programming cable.

Allow users to remote detect whether the radio is under using via radio detective port.

Remote control
Allow users to remote control radio via radio control port.

Allow users to send and receive message.

Languages selectable
English and Chinese languages selectable.

Voice announcement
Voice announcement for radio statement.

Alarm function
The radio will alarm or silence alarm under emergency situation.

Allow users to locate the GPS coordinate. And radio can send out or check GPS coordinate.

TD-503 support 39 standard CTCSS and 83 standard CDCSS setting, and also support non standard CTCSS/CDCSS setting. CTCSS/CDCSS is to avoid the private communication from being disturbed by other same channel users. It also eliminates the trail noise.

Allow users to use the radio like telephone.


TD-503 use advanced AMBE+2 vocoder, which highly improved the audio quality.

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