High Power GSM 3G Signal Repeater Use for Big Area

WT27-GW80(M)High power dual band GSM 3G 900/2100MHz signal repeater use for big area What Is A Cell Phone Signal Booster?Cell Phone boosters or cell phone repeaters are devices that have been developed to solve the problem of weak cell phone reception. They have been designed specifically to amplify a weak signal available

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High power dual band GSM 3G 900/2100MHz signal repeater use for big area

High Power GSM 3G Signal Repeater Use for Big Area


What Is A Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Cell Phone boosters or cell phone repeaters are devices that have been developed to solve the problem of weak cell phone reception. They have been designed specifically to amplify a weak signal available outside a house, building or a vehicle, and to broadcast a much stronger signal inside, where it is needed the most.

We shall discuss in detail how these devices work, but let us first answer the question, are cell phone signal boosters legit? Yes, they most certainly are and have been approved by the FCC in United States and Industry Canada (IC) in Canada.

The FCC has no issue with using cell phone repeaters to extend the range of a cell network in areas that historically receive poor cellular service, including homes and offices, commercial structures and more as long as they are registered with respective service provider before use.

Indoor Dual Band Signal Repeater (Signal Booster) series is an ideal solution for two wireless system in small/medium businesses and home users looking to enhance indoor wireless connectivity. It is connected via coaxial cable to Donor Antenna and Service Antenna, Donor Antenna is placed outside the building where it has easy access to BTS signal, and the Service Antenna is placed in the building where it can extend radio coverage to the blind area. And Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to avoid the Booster from over saturation, therefore maintaining a high voice quality and avoid adding interference to network. With good looking & super compact design also make it attractive. Besides, it is easy installation feature is also for individual customers to install the booster by themselves, and it does not need much professional knowledge and instrument.
The signal booster improves mobile signals with no negative impact on human health.

High Power GSM 3G Signal Repeater Use for Big Area


  1. Cost effective solution for weak signal zones, reduce drop/off calls.
  2. Compact size, low power consumption, easy installation, great cover.
  3. Expansion and extending of the signal of base station.
  4. Optimization of the quality of the signal and source
  5. Cover about 1000~5000m² without block or obstruct.
  6. High linear design, ALC function design, low interference to BTS.
  7. Support any cellular devices (voice & data & video)
  8. Wide band signal booster, or customize selective band booster.

High Power GSM 3G Signal Repeater Use for Big Area

High Power GSM 3G Signal Repeater Use for Big Area
Digital Display Panel, Intelligent mode setting
Smart function called which can be activated via the digital display panel.
Users can choose gain and working system by LED Digital Panel.

Set the technical parameters simple and efficient, this is easier than DIP Switch.

Standard Package: 
1) AC90-264V, DC9V/5A power supply adapter 1PCS 
2) AC power cord (EU/US/UK/SA/China standard, etc) 1PCS 
3) Installation kit 1PCS 
4) User manual 1PCS 
High Power GSM 3G Signal Repeater Use for Big Area

Recommended Accessories:
1)Donor antenna: Log Periodic Antenna (9dBi or 11dBi,806-960/1710-2700MHz) 
2)Service antenna: Omni Ceiling Antenna (3dBi,806-960/1710-2700MHz) 
3)5D-FB coaxial cable with connectors(Cable length optional)

High Power GSM 3G Signal Repeater Use for Big Area

To expand signal coverage or fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable.

Indoor: Hotels, Home, Basements, Shopping Malls, Offices, Parking Lots, Shop.etc.

Frequency RangeUplinkDownlink
DCS 1800MHz + WCDMA 2100MHz
(Band5 + Band 10)
Max. Gain75dB±2dB80dB±2dB
Max. Output Power24dBm±2dBm27dBm±2dBm
Band widthWide Band(Selective Band Available for OEM)
Manual Gain Control31dB / 1dB Step
Automatic Gain Control>30dB
Ripple in Band8dB
Noise Figure≤ 6dB
VSWR≤ 2.0
Intermodulation Products9KHz~1GHz≤ -36dBm
 1~12.75GHz≤ -30dBm
Spurious Emission9KHz~1GHz≤ -36dBm
 1~12.75GHz≤ -30dBm
Time Delay≤ 1.5 μs
Frequency stability≤ 0.01ppm
MTBF> 50000 hours
Impedance50 ohm
Power SupplyAC 90-264V,DC 9V/5A
Power LEDPower indicator
Alarm LEDRedSelf oscillation or Strong input signal
Mechanical Specification
RF ConnectorN-Female
SwitchPower Switch
CoolingHeatsink Convection cooling
Humidity< 90%
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ +55°C
Environment ConditionsIP40
Installation TypeWall Installation
WeightAbout 5.5kgs

How A Cell Phone Signal Booster Works.

A cell phone booster pulls in a weak signal from the outside, boosts it and then rebroadcasts it within the house, building or vehicle. A typical signal booster is based on a three-part system.

It consists of an outside antenna that captures the weak cell signal, an amplifier that boosts the signal thus received, and an inside antenna that rebroadcasts the much enhanced signal within the room, house, building or vehicle.

An outside antenna is mounted in a location outside the house or building which currently gets a signal, usually on the roof. This signal is then passed from outside antenna to a signal amplifier within the building. An amplifier enhances the signal by up to 32X times and then sends it to the inside antenna. An inside antenna rebroadcasts the signal to the area where it is needed the most.

That is how you get a much improved signal from the cellular tower. The same process works in the reverse. The signal from your phone is picked up by inside antenna, enhanced by amplifier and sent out to the outside antenna, which rebroadcasts it so that a much stronger signal is received by the cellular tower. This establishes a strong two-way communication between your phone and the cellular tower.



An amplifier or a cellular repeater receives the signal from the outside antenna and boosts it by 32X times. Amplifiers are measured in terms of dB (decibel) output. Amplifiers used in home-based systems offer anything from 500 to 20,000 sq. ft. of coverage.

Most exterior cell phone signal strength ranges from -50 dB to -120 dB. In terms of bars, -50 dB means full bars and -120 dB means zero bars or a dead zone. Amplifiers boost the cell phone signal so as to get the reading closer to -50 dB.

You should get a +60 dB gain at least with an amplifier. The best and most powerful amplifiers give you a +70 dB gain. Amplifiers that have been specifically designed for vehicles should give a +25 dB gain at least, with a maximum of +50 dB gain.

If you are able to get a consistent -94dB or better signal outside, then signal amplifier will be able to multiply signal to boost reception indoors substantially. However, the typical cut off point for signal boosters to be able to amplify is -105dB outside signal. If exterior signal is less than that amount, say for example, -115dB, then signal amplifier will not be able to help in such a situation.

What frequency repeater do I need?
Most mobile carriers broadcast their networks on either of the 900 or 1800 Mhz frequency bands, or both. High-speed data networks or 3G service is broadcast on the 2100MHz band. Newer 4G LTE networks are often shared on 1800 MHz or on 800 / 2600 MHz frequencies.

Your repeater should match the same frequency as your mobile carrier in order to ensure compatibility. To determine which type of repeater you need, you can visit our support center or mobile booster kit guide, which will recommend the best model to suit your needs.

Can I install a repeater unit myself?
Absolutely. There is no technical expertise required to install your mobile repeater kit. Each kit contains everything needed to improve the mobile coverage in your home/office and includes instructions that will guide you through the simple steps necessary to install your repeater.

How will my repeater be delivered?
All orders are shipped via DHL express and are normally delivered within 1-4 business days. Your order will be dispatched from our warehouse and you will be forwarded tracking information for the order after it is dispatched. If you have any questions on your order status you can also contact us at support@mobilerepeater.co.uk.
Are all repeaters the same?
MobileRepeater.co.uk offers the largest selection of mobile coverage solutions on the market. With our large selection of solutions we guarantee we'll have the right one for you! Repeater units vary depending on the frequency and power output.

Different network providers use different frequencies to broadcast their signals. We carry single band repeaters which work for specific networks, dual band repeaters which work for multiple networks and tri-band repeaters which work for multiple networks plus 3G. Our solutions also vary based on power output i.e. effective coverage area.

Our products can provide coverage for small offices and houses as low as 250 sq m and also cover areas up to 5000 sq m or over such as hospitals, hotels and commercial office buildings. Our solutions are categorized in to Home/Office Solutions or Building Repeaters. If you have any specific needs and would like to speak to someone from our Engineering team please Contacts.


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