How can hotels improve customer satisfaction with modern technologies?

2022-05-21 23:43:07 By : Ms. Linda Liu

In the case of hotels and holiday homes, customer satisfaction is the main focus for landlords.Therefore, it is also in their interest to look after the guests in the best possible way.This task cannot only be taken on by the staff.The latest technology also helps.Modern devices in particular can improve customer satisfaction in many ways.Cell phone reception is not good in many hotels.Visitors want to surf the Internet even when they are not connected to the hotel WiFi.Then of course it's not nice if they can only access the Internet at slow speeds.The network could be improved with a cell phone signal booster from GSM Repeaters Austria.This allows signals to be received and amplified within a building.There are basically three factors that determine cell phone reception: The distance to the nearest transmission tower and the number and material of the obstacles that stand in the way of the signal.In buildings, the radio signal cannot reach the receiving device unhindered.It has to go through several walls.The radio waves of the mobile network propagate in a straight line.A radio shadow from a tree is enough to give the signal a deathblow.Large buildings such as warehouses and hotels pose even more massive obstacles. Depending on the material the walls are made of, the mobile signal is weakened.While wood is only a minor obstacle, concrete or reinforced concrete walls can screen off a room entirely.In such cases, you often only get sufficient reception in the immediate vicinity of a window.Parental controls for smartphones: This is how parents make their cell phones safeThe way it works is simple: A mobile radio repeater first picks up the signal of the respective frequency (single-band repeater) or the frequencies (multi-band repeater) for which it is designed.The signal is then amplified and emitted again.This will improve reception.The repeater consists of two receiver and transmitter units.They transmit and receive on the respective downlink and uplink frequencies, which are defined by the relevant technical standards.From a technical point of view, a so-called pseudo-network is created.Particularly powerful amplifiers can interfere with surrounding networks.This can lead to interfrequencies.However, if the amplifier is dimensioned correctly, no main networks are disturbed and the mobile phone repeater can be used without any technical problems.iPhone, Pixel and Co.: Just rent the cell phone?The power required always depends on the area that needs to be supplied.However, the performance should never be oversized (§55 TKG).However, the area specifications of different manufacturers often differ greatly from each other.In principle, signals of any standard can be amplified to improve reception.Single-band repeaters can be used to amplify individual frequency bands.Dual-band repeaters can give mobile internet and voice quality a boost.For cellular signals, the standard repeater system consists of the following components:A powerful antenna that is suitable for the frequency range should always be used.For optimal transmission and reception properties, it should be aligned with the transmission mast of the network operator.The amplifier unit is installed in the building as close as possible to the outdoor antenna.Normally, a simple stub antenna on the repeater is used here.The antenna cable to the external antenna should be max. 10-15 meters long.The cable between the cellular repeater and the indoor antenna may be very short and should have low attenuation.Antenna plugs are used as a link between the various devices and the coaxial cables.Attention must be paid here to high-quality and correctly installed plugs, otherwise coupling losses can occur.The distributors are selected depending on the number of indoor antennas to be connected.The splitters come in different sizes.Using the appropriate outdoor antenna and mounting it in the correct location is very important for optimal performance and function.If the outdoor antenna is mounted in a place where there is little reception, the amplifier cannot work effectively.It is necessary that a stable signal is fed to the repeater.Installation in the upper area of ​​the building is recommended.You can determine the correct location with your mobile phone.If there are 4 bars, the location is suitable.Technically, the installation of a mobile radio repeater including antennas is not rocket science.However, it should be worked on carefully and the most important framework conditions must not be ignored.The complexity of a repeater system increases with the area to be covered and the number of indoor antennas and amplifiers.It is ideal if you attach an indoor antenna for each room to be supplied.This ensures ideal distribution of the signal and enables correct adjustment of the repeater system.The use of mobile data communication is becoming more and more important.At the same time, however, the supply and quality of mobile communications must be secured.Especially in hotels, this aspect must not go unnoticed.If many surrounding buildings shield the mobile phone signals, mobile phone networks must be distributed evenly throughout the premises using internal building amplifiers.