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2021-11-25 11:17:22 By : Ms. Marking suppower

T-Mobile will make changes to its femtocell CellSpots. 

This information was disclosed in a leaked document obtained in this publication. According to the document, T-Mobile’s personal CellSpots will no longer be offered as a free lease. Starting on July 9, customers must pay a small deposit of $99 to purchase CellSpots. However, customers will no longer rent these equipment, but already own them.

T-Mobile initially offered CellSpot as one of three different options in 2015. Un-Carrier released CellSpot as the backhaul of personal cell towers. It does this by using the customer's own Internet service. As a result, a specific address obtains partial cell coverage. 

In addition to CellSpot, T-Mobile also provides a two-piece repeater. Customers who choose this method can extend the signal on the window so that they can receive the signal at home. T-Mo also provides custom-branded ASUS Wi-Fi routers that customers can use with Wi-Fi Calling. 

At the time of writing this article, T-Mobile will allow existing devices already deployed to continue to operate. They are also considering this option as a "last resort" for insurance. It will provide a 14-day return window and a 90-day warranty. 

I got a two-piece repeater a few years ago, and it changed the service from very bad to usable. In the past two years, our services that no longer need it have been improved enough. The biggest problem is that the wife claims that it will produce carcinogenic radio waves (rolling her eyes)

Yes, I bet she didn't give up her call, did she? ;)

I have a 4G LTE Cell point router and I like it very much. There are full bars anywhere in my house. Terrible, I have to pay for it now because it has been running free and reliable for 4 consecutive years. Especially because it has a history of 4 years and does not run 5G. If you want us to pay $100 for it, it’s best to have a new version that supports 5G and expands the range of devices.

clam down. "At the time of writing this article, T-Mobile will continue to operate existing equipment that has already been deployed."

If you already have the new updated model, you don’t need to pay. If you have the old version 1, you can replace it for free

When I asked another question and mentioned that my family’s cell coverage was poor, I got one. The phone representative ordered one for me. I just mention it by the way, because it doesn't matter, because I only use Wi-Fi. Now that I have had it for a while, I am still not sure what its benefits are, because it still requires my internet connection to work, and I can use the same internet connection directly on my phone.

Yes, they dealt a considerable blow to it. They charge you cellular points, and then it uses my data connection, and any data I consume is included in my T-Mobile plan. So they want me to use the data I have already paid for. Since the phone decides to switch between wifi and cellular data, I will have to manage it manually.

Great scam, hope I can think of it.

I have a repeater. Attach a box where you find the best signal in the house, and it will broadcast to the second box in the center of the house. I don't use my internet at all. You can choose or.

Yes, unfortunately, you need at least 1 bar of service to work. If you stand on the right side of the yard, all 3 big ones in my area may have a bar.

I am in North Westchester County, New York.

According to records, this change has been delayed to TBD. See source article.

Does t-mobile remove the dual cell signal booster? I no longer see them available on their website. I want to know why they do this? Those seem very popular

I have an Asus router. Has anyone here ever flashed ASUS firmware to one of them? How easy is it?

September 14, 2021. I just received and installed T-Mobil 4G LTE V2 CellSpot. I have to pay a refundable deposit of $25 with a credit card, and the device is shipped free overnight. I don't own the device and must send it back after I complete it, so I don't have any purchase options or a $99 fee. I installed a metal roof a few years ago, which completely solved my mobile phone problem, and there was almost no signal on my second floor. I now have a complete bar and an average value of -81 dBm. Connect to the device via band 66. Before installing CellSpot, my average was -115 to -118 dBm. My 4G speed is now 38 MB/sx 14.5 MB/s connected to CellSpot using my 400 MB/sx 20 MB/s home ISP. I think the procedure is the same as a few years ago, because I tried the older T-mobil dual cell booster, but it didn't work well for me. I asked the representative and he said that T-mobil no longer provides dual units (boosters) and the only option is to connect to the new V2 CellSpot of my ISP. When I walked around the house, my phone no longer dropped, and I was very happy.

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