Movandi outlines five key megatrends for 5G millimeter waves in 2022 and beyond

2021-12-14 13:42:01 By : Mr. Steven Wang

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2022 is the year when smart repeaters will help accelerate the challenging 5G millimeter wave deployment

Irvine, California, December 13, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Movandi, a leader in 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) radio frequency technology and software, today announced the Five major trends.

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2022 is the year when smart repeaters will help accelerate the challenging 5G millimeter wave deployment (Graphic: Business Wire)

For 5G, this has been a turbulent year, as wireless operators scramble to deploy networks on IF and more and more millimeter wave frequencies, and this trend will undoubtedly accelerate in 2022. With this in mind, Movandi is making some predictions about what we think will happen to become the 5G "big trend" in the coming year. In general, they are concerned about the virtual certainty that 5G millimeter wave networks will be more widely deployed, which is largely driven by solutions such as Movandi’s cloud and artificial intelligence-based mesh network technology, which eliminates The challenge of live signal propagation.

Reza Rofougaran, CTO and co-founder of Movandi said: “2022 is the year when smart repeaters will take center stage, helping to accelerate the challenging 5G millimeter wave by improving the performance and economics of global 5G operators. deploy."

Here are five major trends that Movandi believes will shape the future of 5G:

New hybrid private network and managed service products using Wi-Fi and 5G millimeter wave technology gain momentum as high-performance, flexible and economical enterprise solutions.

Although it may not be the case at first glance, Wi-Fi and millimeter wave systems are complementary, and when they complement each other, there are great benefits. Wi-Fi is ubiquitous, with at least 22 billion devices installed1, all of which are ultimately connected to the Ethernet infrastructure. But Wi-Fi networks must support a large number of distributed access points, and fiber backbone connections can be expensive.

Millimeter wave networks can be used for "wireless fiber" operating in the unlicensed 60 GHz and licensed 24/28/39 GHz spectrum to replace expensive backhaul fibers, while also providing wider fronthaul coverage, especially in large-scale Buildings, stadiums and shopping environment. This hybrid "WiFive" method combines the unique characteristics of millimeter wave frequencies and a large amount of available bandwidth with a huge Wi-Fi equipment installation base to achieve gigabit speeds and lower latency at a very low cost. In addition, new managed service providers will design, implement and operate these hybrid networks through the WiFive network-as-a-service model.

Mesh networks based on smart millimeter wave repeaters surpass current methods, enabling cost-effective and widespread deployment for the first time.

The traditional method of deploying millimeter wave technology relies on the global deployment of gNB or small base stations, which will require at least US$400 billion by 20302, which is obviously not cost-effective. Movandi’s approach overturned this model by reinventing the network architecture and significantly reducing the number of gNBs, small cells, and optical fibers needed to provide services to indoor and outdoor customers. In a white paper 3, the highly regarded analyst firm Mobile Experts estimates that smart repeaters will cut deployment costs and time by half. Reza Rofougaran, CTO and co-founder of Movandi, who has more than 1,000 RF patents, said that the ratio of smart repeaters to gNB/small cells will be between 4:1 and 10:1, depending on the application and coverage. Require. Therefore, we expect that this repeater-based mesh method will become the standard way to utilize millimeter wave frequencies, with the first large-scale commercial deployment in 2022.

AI, ML, and cloud-based orchestration for dynamic real-time optimization will become important drivers of 5G millimeter wave networks and C-V2X mobility.

The performance, reliability, and economy of millimeter wave networks can be optimized through real-time cloud and AI-controlled mesh networks. Dynamically route traffic based on changing usage patterns and rapidly changing signal conditions. Machine learning evaluates environmental conditions through continuous updates of things such as moving trucks, new buildings, or leaf growth, and predicts the best coverage model and moving vehicles, as well as the best gNB signals and beams. In addition, automatic signal search and detection allow optimizing the installation location while significantly reducing deployment time and costs, because they are relatively simple to construct in a "plug and play" manner and do not require high-level expertise from technicians and installers.

The foundation of the 6G network will depend on the new 5G relay network innovation.

Although 5G is arguably the most extensive 3GPP innovation since the advent of cellular technology, 6G brings even more daunting millimeter wave challenges, and these challenges have only recently begun to be resolved. However, solutions such as Movandi smart repeaters have solved problems related to millimeter wave coverage, economy, and operations. As they are widely deployed during this decade, they will provide the infrastructure foundation and valuable insights for migrating to 6G networks, which will operate at frequencies above 100 GHz, where no wireless communication systems have been operating before .

5G Relay as a Service (RaaS) will transform operators' investment strategies and accelerate network deployment.

The modular 5RaaS model will enable service providers to select only the services they need and increase the speed of deployment by reducing upfront capital investment and keeping the technology and cloud AI software up to date. It will include smart repeater hardware, chipsets, highly advanced antenna technology and cloud artificial intelligence software services, which are continuously enhanced and updated as environmental conditions change. The new open API will provide flexibility, allowing developers to create services that can be packaged as complete solutions, tailored to allow customers to choose only the services they need. Standards bodies must allow these services to proliferate without being restricted by proprietary hardware and software in the coming year.

Movandi recently announced new upgrade features and functions for Smart Repeaters powered by BeamXR, including extended millimeter wave spectrum up to 60 GHz, RF modules below 6 GHz, new mesh indoor and outdoor software with cloud intelligence, and Outdoor solar-powered smart repeaters support the reduction of 5G deployment costs. These smart repeater solutions powered by Movandi are now available and deployed by 5G operators worldwide.

BeamXR technology is the industry's first smart repeater solution, designed to solve the real-world 5G millimeter wave deployment challenges, break through physical barriers in indoor, outdoor and mobile environments, and accelerate the large-scale commercial use of 5G. The BeamXR smart repeater supported by Movandi reduces the capital expenditure and operational expenditure of millimeter wave deployment by 50%. To learn more, read the mobile expert white paper, Repeater Cuts 5G Millimeter Wave Costs in Half. For more details on BeamXR technology, please visit Movandi products.

In order to emphasize Movandi’s outstanding design and engineering achievements, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently named Movandi the CES 2022 Embedded Technology Innovation Award winner for its BeamXR 5G smart repeater technology. Winners of the CES 2022 Innovation Award, including Movandi’s BeamXR solution, will be at the CES unveiling ceremony in Las Vegas on January 3 and at the Venetian World Expo during CES 2022 from January 5 to 8. It was exhibited at the innovation award exhibition, booth number 52952.

Movandi is a 5G millimeter wave solutions company that focuses on the design and development of deep semiconductor technologies that support 5G and beyond, connect our world, and support artificial intelligence applications across multiple industries. The company was founded by former Broadcom innovators who are recognized worldwide as pioneers and visionaries in RF and SoC. Their innovations have shaped and transformed wireless in the past few decades. As a pioneer of wireless radio frequency systems, Movandi is solving real-world 5G millimeter wave deployments, with unparalleled differentiation and high-performance core 5G technologies in radio frequency, IP and unique engineering methods, enabling service providers and industry partners to launch Indoor, outdoor and mobile enhanced 5G millimeter wave services, reducing costs by 50%. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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