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2021-11-25 12:09:49 By : Ms. ping liang

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A lever-type rifle has a great impact-if you aim at the target, it is even more powerful.

30-30 is Salvo's most popular gun, but it finally entered Apex Games in the eighth season. This is a heavy-hit lever rifle that allows Apex Legends players to charge up for shooting for extra firepower.

Game designer Eric Canavese told Dot Esports that the score of 30-30 is “between Longbow and G7 Scout” and “a little bit Wingman can measure well”. It is a heavy-hit weapon that is particularly deadly in mid-to-long distance encounters. Its charged shooting mechanism makes it even more deadly in the hands of skilled shooters.

30-30 is a heavy-duty ammunition lever-type burst rifle. Apex Legends regards it as an assault rifle, which allows it to use a range of accessories, including buttstocks, magazines, and various sights that can provide up to x4 magnification. This compatibility is crucial to its role as a medium- and long-range weapon.

Firing 30-30 will release heavy rounds, but the aiming sight will fill up the charging bar, increasing the damage of the next shot. It takes about one second to fully charge, but the increase in damage is proportional to the charge.

Before any multiplier, normal shots cause 42 damage to body shots, but hitting a headshot will increase this number to 74. Charging increases the body shot damage to 57 and the headshot damage to 100—enough to kill an unarmored target (provided they are not corrosive) or Gibraltar).

30-30 is good at providing "extended precise coverage firepower", as Canavese said, rather than the more garbage (and weaker) shots of the G7. The charged lens helps to complete this role; the 57-damage body shot is slightly heavier than the longbow, but it can still weaken the enemy's armor. Its accessories can provide up to x4 magnification, which can help players project accurate damage from a long distance.

Players can also charge up shots at will, as long as they spend time aiming at the target, "knitting in these charged shots is very important to realize the full potential that 30-30 can provide on the battlefield," according to Canavese. Hitting two body shots-one charged and one uncharged-is enough to cause 99 damage before the multiplier, and the potential of the weapon becomes even more terrifying when you consider the headshot.

However, one of the weaknesses of 30-30 is its segmented reloading. Players need to readjust each round individually like a mastiff. This can take a long time, especially for purple magazines. However, segmented reloading can also play an active role in scenes where the player fires one or two shots and does not need to undergo a full reload animation.

The return of Anvil Receiver can help change mid-to-long distance encounters and produce some 30-30 replacements. Hop-up is compatible with R-301 and Flatline, and increases their single-shot damage at the expense of rate of fire and increased ammunition consumption. The new jump can create a level playing field for all these weapons, so 30-30 players should know what they might encounter.

30-30 can fight against four assault rifles that can occupy mid-range and long-range combat roles, and add the longbow DMR as a possible replacement. Anvil Receiver greatly increases the power of 301 and Flatline, and makes their damage in a single shot closer to 30-30, and G7 Scout also has the potential to launch a series of rapid-fire shots. However, 30-30 can cause damage to these weapons, thanks to its charged shooting-as long as the player has time to aim first.

In addition, close combat at 30-30 has its drawbacks. The repeater is very powerful, but it is superior to other weapons such as shotguns or submachine guns, so players should plan around these scenarios by carrying secondary weapons that can mitigate these weaknesses and perform well at close range.

To offset the short-range disadvantage of 30-30, some of the best combinations are weapons such as the Mastiff, R-99, or Volt SMG. However, for those who are not satisfied with the aggressive recoil of the R-99, fully automatic guns such as R-301, RE-45 and alternator are also good choices.

Pairing the repeater with the G7 is redundant, because the reconnaissance rifle functions in the same medium and long-range space as the 30-30. The loss of the Double Tap Trigger jump in the eighth season further damages this weapon.

Combining 30-30 with other heavy weapons will cause the problem of having to share accessories and ammunition. Nevertheless, some of them can be interestingly paired with repeaters.

Due to its heavy shot and higher rate of fire, Wingman can be used as a good close-range weapon, and Quickdraw Holster hop-up adds extra practicality and controllability to the weapon. Flatline's fully automatic mode can cause significant damage at close range, similar to pairing 30-30 with R-301, and Hemlok's devastating outbreak can be fatal even at close range.

Due to its fast rate of fire, Volt is the most direct energy pairing with 30-30, but both Devotion and Havoc can be deadly choices, especially when the turbocharger jumps. In addition, Volt SMG was weakened in the Season 8 patch, and the damage per shot dropped from 16 to 15. This is an obvious change, especially the high rate of fire of the weapon, but it can still be a lethal force.

Pairing a 30-30 with a sniper rifle may be redundant because these weapons can meet similar needs, and snipers have more advantages in this area (for example, greater firepower and better scopes). However, the use of a burst rifle with Triple Take is an unorthodox combination that provides some good close combat options (due to its shotgun-like spread), and also allows the use of higher magnification Scope for long-distance scenes.

Since a good second line can make up for the weakness of 30-30 at close range, the shotgun feels like a natural choice. In this category, the two most viable options are Mastiff and EVA-8. Choosing between them depends largely on the player’s preference-although EVA-8 lost the use of double-click after Respawn removed the jump The ability to trigger from the spawning pool.

Finally, for the care package weapons, players should choose between Prowler SMG and Peacekeeper-both of them perform well at close range. However, if a Kraber appears, players can decide to use it as the main one and have a 30-30 dependency. Its sheer firepower makes Kraber very attractive, but it is best to give up 30-30 instead.